STSCONNeCT service is delivered to STS Stakeholders that are involved with the due diligence processes during or prior to the commercial clearance of entities. We assist STS Stakeholders to simplify their processes while maintaining the level of policies that fits the needs of each organisation. Depending on the level of personnel expertise involved in STS clearances, past STS experience, applicable regulatory framework and insurance requirements, the process of STS clearance may increase the burden and unreasonably, the workload of personnel.

On the other hand, doing nothing or being complacent to third parties' decisions may increase the exposure of organisations to liabilities, while in some cases may also contribute to incidents.

What is a Joint Policy?

To comply with requirements in STS, individual stakeholders need to satisfy the following:

  • STS Policies of the Organization
  • Screening Criteria for Vessels and STS Service Providers
  • Charter Party related Clauses
  • Statutory requirements as denoted by SOLAS and MARPOL regulations and
  • in some cases Industry Best Practices

The goal of STSConnect is to bring all STS stakeholders under a common framework and develop the agreed Joint Policy upon which the service is executed.

STSConnect distributes amongst joining parties, validated documents related to the policy of each client. It is ensured that the correct information is transmitted to each party, in order to satisfy his own policy as well as the agreed Joint Policy.

The service rendered with STS Connect

STSConnect handles and delivers the STS clearances to the client. STSConnect distributes amongst joining parties, validated documents related to the policy of each client. STSConnect ensures that the information needed towards ensuring compliance with various Joint Policies, between different engaged parties arrives on time to the Stakeholder. Furthermore, STS Connect service keeps in possession all valid documents for each STS Stakeholder, vessel, Crew synthesis etc. We have to ensure that the policy of each Stakeholder is satisfied and that the information reaches the recipient on time, without delays.

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Transparency is very important to ensure that the service will deliver success in a timely and efficient manner. All the process is crystal clear, and well communicated with participating clients.

Frequently asked Questions

Please consider the following F.A.Q that may answer your questions.

  1. Does STSCONNeCT clear candidate vessels for STS? The answer is negative since this service does not provide any advice related to vessel condition/ suitability for ship to Ship
  2. Does STSCONNeCT assesses STS Service Providers or STS Locations? Again, the answer is negative. This service is not involved with the provision of any consultancy related to the suitability of parties or conditions
  3. Does STSCONNeCT uses predefined agreed policies on the clearance process? The answer is still negative. Each user may implement his own policies to our framework and execute the screening process, taking into consideration the policy of his own organization. All STS clearance policies are respected and all of them can easily be implemented


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